Elcor Software Releases Registry Defragmentation 5.0

Elcor Software Releases Registry Defragmentation 5.0

  Registry Defragmentation 5.0 from Elcor Software physically defragments the Windows registry.

  After a single run of Registry Defragmentation, the computer speed increases up to 100 percent and the computer itself stops freezing and crashing. As a result of regular registry defragmentation, computer users get a more stable operating system, shorter application/system response time, and the most optimal linear registry structure.

  Registry Defragmentation targets all those who frequently install/uninstall new software applications. Uninstalling an application doesn't completely remove all program components. These components start hindering the computer performance, consuming system resources that should be allocated otherwise. As more and more applications get installed and uninstalled, the problem keeps growing, making computer performance unpredictable. This and many other registry-related problems can be fixed by Registry Defragmentation.

  Registry Defragmentation 5.0 is distributed electronically over the Internet; a free demo version is available from the Elcor Web site.


Elcor Software

Price: Single copy, US$11.95; site license, US$35.95

Web Site: http://www.elcor.net


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