Edit Your Docs — Free

Edit Your Docs - Free

Altova Inc., producer of xmlspy, is releasing its XML document editor - AUTHENTIC 5 - via a free software license. AUTHENTIC 5 is a customizable, lightweight, and easy-to-use XML document editor that allows business users to create and edit content through a Web-enabled interface resembling a word processor. It features full support for standard Internet protocols and file transfer interfaces, including WebDAV and HTTP; a browser plug-in that enables a business user to access and edit XML content on the Web; spell-checking capabilities in 14 languages, including a medical and legal dictionary; and built-in templates for more than 15 industry-standard XML content formats including NewsML, NITF, and DocBook. You can use AUTHENTIC 5 in conjunction with the leading XML content repositories, and you can deploy it easily in custom XML editing applications as a custom control for ASP.NET.


Altova Inc.

Price: Free

Contact: (978) 816-1625; mailto:[email protected]

Web Site: http://www.altova.com


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