Dundas Gauge for .NET Available

Dundas Gauge for .NET Available

Dundas Software released Dundas Gauge for .NET, the latest in their line of data visualization components for the .NET platform.

 Dundas Gauge for .NET provides a full assortment of customizable gauge types, including circular, linear, angular, numeric, and thermometer, to help developers add a new dimension of visualization and analysis to their ASP.NET applications.

 Using Dundas Gauge for .NET, data can be displayed in a manner that makes it simple to analyze, with built-in logic that can alert end users to pre-defined conditions. You can customize the scales, needles, alarms, labels, and markers to get the gauge you need for your particular visual analysis requirement.

 Dundas Gauge for .NET is designed to work within the .NET Framework; its object-oriented design follows the style commonly used throughout the Microsoft .NET class libraries.

 To help developers get started, Dundas Gauge for .NET contains more than 50 examples (many of which are interactive). The source code for all the samples within the framework is also included to further assist developers. Dundas Gauge for .NET also provides documentation to assist developers in creating advanced gauges; a language reference that documents the Dundas Gauge API; and how-to articles describing how to work with the product.

 Visit the Dundas Web site to download a full evaluation copy.


Dundas Software

Price: US$699

Web Site: http://www.dundas.com


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