Domo launches app to enhance an app

Domo launches app to enhance an app

Welcome to the next phase in social media apps for mobile: Domo has launched an app that helps mobile users find other people who may be good fits to be “friends” on other social media outlets.

The Domo app, available for both iPhone and Android devices, lets users take their Facebook profile and broadcast to others who might be in the area, in hopes that they might be on the lookout for new friends. 

A piece on Mashable likens it to “talking to strangers via mobile:”

The Domo application attempts to engineer new person-to-person relationships through shared Facebook interests. Users log in with Facebook and select the interests they’d like to share. Then, they can exchange informal “domos” (say hello), send longer messages or share photos with nearby Domo users.

The app is imperfect, to be sure, and much has been made about security concerns and the kind of criminal element that might prey on people using the app. It has generated a lot of buzz for being released the week before SXSW in Austin, which is exactly the place where early app adopters are likely to give it a whirl, connecting up with what are likely to be like-minded people around them at the interactive, music and film festival.

But the Domo app, or apps like it, is interesting for another reason: Could it be the first of a new category or apps that support other apps? It’s basically a bolt-on for a popular social media app, a concept that easily could translate to other social media apps and even business productivity apps. Perhaps one strategy for developers in the increasingly heated sector they’re in could be to take a popular app, identify a weakness, and develop an app for that.


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