Developer Ninjas Drop in on TechEd!

What’s a tradeshow for developer ninjas look like? It’s big and it only looks easy—what better place for a gathering of code warriors than America’s most magical city, a shape-shifting world between water and land terraforming itself into the twenty-first century. DevProConnections is at TechEd in New Orleans with you. Slip on over to our booth, meet our editors, and pick up copies of our magazine.

It’s an exciting time to be a .NET business developer. Microsoft is paying a lot of attention to you with new releases of Visual Studio, .NET, and Silverlight. The partner ecosystem is exploding with new products. Adding to the excitement DevProConnections, Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, and SharePointPro Connections magazine will be conducting our annual Best of TechEd Awards.

 Windows Communication Foundation—Ninjas By Design

Juval Lowy is our guest editor and our special focus is on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). In his guest editorial, “The Missing Link,” Lowy, a software architect specializing in .NET architecture consulting and advanced training, discusses the importance of the design phase for projects deploying any of the Microsoft foundation technologies along with .NET.

Feature Articles: The June issue examines a number of facets of WCF.

  • The cover story by Shy Cohen, an independent expert, gives us a practical look at using WCF with jQuery.
  •  In “WCF and the Access Control Service,” regular columnist Michele Bustamante looks at custom components and code for securing REST-based WCF services.
  • In “Creating Custom WCF Behaviors,” Zoiner Tejada shows you how you can implement and leverage custom service and endpoint behaviors to extend or configure the functionality of your WCF Services.

Other Content You’ll Want in Your Ninja Tool Belt

Every month, DevProConnections Magazine has regular columns—really full-blown features with downloadable code—from our regular expert contributors. Ninjas all.

  • Remember that we have a new name for a great column, indicating that it’s not just for Silverlight beginners: Dan Wahlin’s Silverlight 101 is now called Spotlight on Silverlight. For June Dan continues his exploration of “Syncing Audio, Video, and Animations.”
  • Zoiner Tejada and Michele Bustamante cover WCF topics in their regular columns this month.
  • In this month’s Core Coder column Dino Esposito examines “Dealing with Data Shared Among Views.” He explores approach for injecting global data into ASP.NET MVC views.
  • In a new column, .NET Rocks Conversations, we run excerpts from Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin’s popular .NET Rocks audio show talk. This month we’re featuring an excerpt from a conversation with Jason Olson of Microsoft on CLR 4.0.

Check out DevConnections Conferences and SharePointPro Connections Magazine

As you know from previous editorials, we’re linked up with the well-known DevConnections conferences. The fall DevConnections Visual Studio, .NET, and SQL Server events are November 1-4 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Many of the expert authors in this magazine are also speakers at DevConnections. So if you want to find the best independent conferences for developers go to And if you want to find the best independent content for developers go to

And for the best independent SharePoint coverage for developers and IT Pros, you need to check out our newly upgraded website. Much of this SharePoint content is now also available in print in the quarterly SharePointPro Connections Magazine. Folks who picked up the first issue at the spring SharePointPro Summit loved it. Look for the June issue at TechEd.

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