Developer Express Announces ASPxGridView

Developer Express Announces ASPxGridView

Developer Express announced the availability of DXperience v2007 vol 2, which provides Windows and ASP.NET components, IDE productivity tools, and reporting solutions for Visual Studio. As part of this release, Developer Express introduces a new ASP.NET Data Grid, the ASPxGridView Suite.

 When it comes to Web applications and ASP.NET grid controls, focus usually targets AJAX support, XHTML code generation, and styling options. Although these are critical features to any ASP.NET control, when it comes to advanced grid controls, speed and memory use when rendering large datasets are vital. To meet this need, Developer Express offers ASPxGridView.

 Developer Express developed ASPxGridView targeting performance and optimum memory use against large datasets. Whether a grid displays one record or one million, the server should respond instantly.

 Data processing within the ASPxGridView is managed by the Data Controller first introduced with the XtraGrid Suite for Windows Forms. The Developer Express Data Controller allows the ASPxGridView to perform the following operations:

  • Sort against an unlimited number of columns
  • Group against an unlimited number of columns
  • Filter data
  • Compute summaries against the entire dataset or individual groups
  • Use unbound columns
  • Manually control data operations


With ASP.NET, most grid controls need the entire dataset to be loaded and processed for every operation. Instead of reading the entire dataset from the data server and then managing data within the grid, ASPxGridView simply displays data that has already been grouped or sorted on the data server. This is possible because of a specially designed data provider included within the suite. This provider can produce smart queries so that all the grid needs to do is download records to be displayed within the current page. If you have 100,000 records in your data source and want to display 10 records on the page, the grid will need to download only 10 records.


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