Develop Applications in the Cloud with WSO2 Developer Studio

WSO2 has released WSO2 Developer Studio 2.0, which lets developers write an application once and deploy it to an-premises server, a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid-cloud environment. In addition, developers can build an application or web service and deploy it on any of WSO2's platforms, including WSO2 Carbon, WSO2 Stratos, and WSO2 StratosLive.

The platform now lets users build composite applications easily. Developers can create a Carbon Application that includes services running on multiple WSO2 servers. After application testing, the Carbon Application is deployed into production using a WSO2 Carbon Archive, which lets the server extract relevant parts of the application. Once all relevant parts have been extracted, the application topology becomes a reliable part of the Carbon Application definition. According to WSO2, deployment of composite applications that extend across several systems into a production environment is greatly simplified. Additionally, the solution lets developers run test servers inside Eclipse to perform source-level debugging for applications that consist of multiple artifact types.

WSO2 Developer Studio 2.0 is available as a standalone Eclipse-based solution and as a set of Eclipse plug-ins. The product is a completely open-source solution that's released under the Apache License 2.0 and Eclipse Public License. Visit WSO2's product page to learn more and to download the IDE.

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