Dev Connections 2008: The Greening of SQL Server

Reducing bits and bytes and other efficiencies

Hello from DevConnections in Las Vegas. I ran into Kathy Malone, a Green Technology expert, at a Green Carpet Social out at the Beach Casino at Mandalay Bay. Kathy graciously agreed to be interviewed for a podcast on the shores of this artificial waterscape as choppers buzzed around overhead. It's not the greenest place to consider sustainable IT practices, but, on the other hand, what better place to begin!

Kathy discusses a multitude of green practices, from using fewer keystrokes in development to running SQL boxes more efficiently. She explains how the reduction of bits and bytes in large data centers actually makes these large energy users green.

One person Kathy talked with observed that thinking green is really just "adding another dimension to optimization."

Enjoy the podcast.

For more podcasts and videos (some really funny ones) from the Connections conference check out

For more on green computing and SQL Server, read Is Green Computing Possible, by Kalen Delany in October 2008 SQL Server Magazine.

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