Data Dynamics Releases SharpGraph for .NET

Data Dynamics Releases SharpGraph for .NET

Data Dynamics announced SharpGraph for .NET, a charting component for Windows developers that offers support for 2D and 3D chart types, as well as control over such 3D effects as lighting and spatial orientation, alpha blending, export to several file formats, and more.

 SharpGraph for .NET is a component fully written in managed code and provides integration with Visual Studio.NET 2003. Supporting VB.NET and C#, it features data binding capability; built-in support for 2D and 3D chart types; graphics that leverage GDI+ technology, along with alpha blending, gradients, and anti-aliasing; fully integrated Microsoft Visual Studio.NET help, including Dynamic Help; and a complete sample application of available chart types and techniques. SharpGraph for .NET provides export to several different file formats, including SVG and support for serialization to XML, so charts can be saved and loaded at run time.


Data Dynamics, Ltd.

Price: Developer License, US$349; Site License US$2,399.

Web Site:


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