Dart Releases PowerWEB Zoom

Dart Releases PowerWEB Zoom

Dart announced PowerWEB Zoom, an addition to their PowerWEB product line. Designed for ASP.NET, this AJAX-enabled image viewer allows you to add interactive features to high-resolution images without needing to develop complex scripts or manually process source images. ASP.NET developers can focus on creating rich applications because Zoom handles the image rendering and delivery.

 Displaying high-resolution images in a Web application used to require plug-ins or complex scripting. Using PowerWEB Zoom for ASP.NET enables such functionality as zooming into minute image details and smoothly panning across thousands of pixels.

 PowerWEB Zoom is compatible with ASP.NET 1.x and 2.0; offers cross-browser support and interactive image panning and zooming; provides an intuitive interface and on-screen tools, such as Zoom Slider, Compass Navigator, Magnifier, and Thumbnail; provides on-demand delivery of image data and on-demand image scaling and rendering; is interoperable with all the other PowerWEB products; and has a server object and event model, as well as a client-side API.

 PowerWEB Zoom is ideal for any distributed application where the presentation of high-quality, detailed images is required. E-commerce, real-estate, asset management, and informational Web sites are just a few types of applications that can benefit from this tool.

Dart Communications

Price: US$999 (introductory price for a royalty-free development license)

Web Site: http://www.dart.com/powerweb/zoom.asp


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