Dart Introduces PowerTCP FTP for .NET

Dart Introduces PowerTCP FTP for .NET

  Dart Communications released their newest component, PowerTCP FTP for .NET, which is written in 100 percent-managed code. The FTP component has the built-in ease of use that's perfect for beginners and experts alike, while maintaining low resource consumption. Key features include full support for object-oriented development through overloaded methods, control over resource disposal, remoting support, a powerful visual editor that can test FTP functionality at design time, and Microsoft Help 2.0 integration with comprehensive [F1] support. The powerful multi-threaded design supports synchronous and asynchronous functionality, auto restart, comprehensive proxy support, and exception handling consistent with the .NET Framework.


Dart Communications, Inc.

Price: US$499

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site: http://www.dart.com

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