ComponentOne Releases Doc-To-Help 2007 v2

ComponentOne Releases Doc-To-Help 2007 v2

ComponentOne announced Doc-To-Help 2007 v2, the second installment this year of the tool s yearly subscription release cycle. This release includes a Microsoft Sandcastle plug-in to automatically include industry standard reference documentation in Doc-To-Help projects. Doc-To-Help 2007 v2 also delivers Text and Rich Content Variables to allow authors to manage reusable content.

 Microsoft Sandcastle automatically generates MSDN-formatted reference documents in XML format from .NET source code and comment files. Doc-To-Help extends Sandcastle functionality by adding its content to a Doc-To-Help project and treating it as any other source content, automatically creating topics, index entries, and table of contents entries. Authors can add their own narrative content and create links to Sandcastle namespaces to create a cohesive documentation project. These projects can be single-sourced for virtually any online Help format and printed manuals. Sandcastle is currently a Community Technology Preview and is available on Microsoft s Web site.

 Doc-To-Help 2007 v2 also includes Text and Rich Content Variables to improve efficiency and single sourcing. This feature allows authors to designate any content for reuse. Frequently used content, such as product names, descriptions, and entire topics, can be managed in one place and inserted across the documentation project. These variables are also conditional, so different content can be inserted in different outputs.

 Doc-To-Help is a single-source Help authoring tool that empowers authors to create HTML or Microsoft Office Word content and convert it to virtually every popular Help file format (including browser-based, platform independent Help) or printed documentation.

 The Doc-To-Help yearly subscription delivers new technologies, features, and functionality that enable users to create feature-rich Help systems more efficiently. Current subscribers will receive these new features and enhancements as part of their annual subscription.



Price: Doc-To-Help is available in two versions, Doc-To-Help Enterprise and Doc-To-Help for Word, with respective pricing of US$999.95 and US$749.95. Competitive upgrades, renewal pricing, telephone support, and volume discounts are also available.

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