ComponentOne Launches Studio <st1:City><st1:place>Enterprise</st1:place></st1:City> for WPF Beta Program

ComponentOne Launches Studio Enterprise for WPF Beta Program

ComponentOne announced the Studio Enterprise for WPF Beta Program. The new scheduling solution delivers Schedule, Month, Calendar, and Multi-Month Calendar components built exclusively for the Windows Presentation Foundation.

   Schedule for WPF Beta contains the features included in ComponentOne s .NET and ASP.NET Scheduling Components, including multiple data views, Outlook-style appointments, recurrence, and reminders. It also delivers special design-time support for Microsoft Expression Blend; each component included with the WPF Schedule component is lookless, giving you the power to allow partial or complete customization of the user interface.

   Those interested in the Studio Enterprise for WPF Beta Program can sign up at Once registered, participants will receive information about how to access the new Schedule for WPF beta product, as well as other upcoming products for the Windows Presentation Foundation platform. These beta releases have not been fully tested by ComponentOne and therefore will not be officially supported by ComponentOne technical support representatives.

   For additional details on the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise for WPF Beta Program, or to register, visit



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