ComponentOne Announces Studio for iPhone

ComponentOne Announces Studio for iPhone

ComponentOne announced a new product in its line-up: ComponentOne Studio for iPhone. This suite of components enables you to generate Web applications that mimic the iPhone interface and navigation.

   ComponentOne Studio for iPhone combines the power of Microsoft ASP.NET to create cutting-edge versions of corporate Web sites that target the iPhone and iTouch devices.

 ComponentOne is offering a Studio for iPhone subscription at the standard retail price of US$800. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise now includes Studio for iPhone, along with Studio for WinForms, Studio for WPF, Studio for ASP.NET, Studio for Silverlight, Studio for Mobile, and Studio for ActiveX, and may be purchased for US$1,100. ComponentOne offers online purchase options at or by telephone at 412.681.4343 or 1.800.858.2739.

 Visit for more information.



Price: US$800

Web Site:


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