ComponentOne Announces Doc-To-Help 2007 v1

ComponentOne Announces Doc-To-Help 2007 v1

ComponentOne announced Doc-To-Help 2007 v1, another installment of the tool s yearly subscription release cycle. Doc-To-Help is a single-source Help authoring tool that empowers authors to create HTML or Microsoft Office Word content and convert it to virtually every popular Help file format (including browser-based, platform-independent Help) or printed documentation.

 This release adds a new search engine for NetHelp, a new breadcrumb navigation feature in HTML-based outputs, and a Generate PDF button in Word manual outputs to create PDF files. These features give Doc-To-Help users a higher level of customizability and make delivering effective Help systems and printed documentation to users easier.


New features and enhancements include:

  • JavaScript NetHelp Search Engine: This new search technology provides users with an additional option for NetHelp search. It allows users to provide a search engine without complicated Java configuration or installation. JavaScript search only requires a Web browser, so NetHelp will be fully functional out-of-the-box.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation: Breadcrumb Navigation is now available in HTML-based outputs, appearing at the top of each topic and showing the navigation patch from the top-level topic. Users will always know where they are in a Help file with Breadcrumb Navigation.
  • PDF Button in Word: Doc-To-Help now installs a Generate PDF button in Word so users can customize a printed manual before generating PDF.


Doc-To-Help yearly subscriptions deliver new technologies, features, and functionality that enable users to create feature-rich Help systems more efficiently. Current subscribers will receive these new features and enhancements as part of their annual subscription.


ComponentOne LLC

Price: Doc-To-Help is available in two versions, Doc-To-Help Enterprise and Doc-To-Help for Word, with respective pricing of US$999.95 and US$749.95. Competitive upgrades, renewal pricing, telephone support, and volume discounts are available.

Web Site:


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