Communication Is Our Middle Name


Communication Is Our Middle Name


By David Riggs


My wife Beth recently had a letter to the editor published in Sports Illustrated. I must admit I was a bit surprised the letter didn t concern Brett Favre or Dwyane Wade. But I was completely taken aback by Beth s excitement at having her opinion voiced in such a widely published forum. Do people really get this excited when they think their opinions matter? I hope so, because your opinions matter to me. I must commend Sports Illustrated; they print praise and condemnation alike. They obviously value the feedback, as well as the sense of community it fosters amongst readers.


At asp.netPRO we also value what our readers think. Letters to the editor let you communicate to us how to better serve your needs, which helps us shape the magazine by providing the content you want. Letters to the editor also give you a venue to share your opinions about this magazine, as well as your thoughts and concerns regarding industry trends. Maybe letters to the editor don t help build a community, but they do help us take the pulse.


We publish how-to articles, product and book reviews, product announcements, and opinion pieces. How does this content jibe with your everyday use? Did a certain tip work for you or not? Did you agree with a reviewer s opinions regarding a certain product or book? Does Jonathan Goodyear s BackDraft column inspire or enrage you?


I believe this kind of communication is key to fostering a connection between our readers, our writers, and our staff. Let me know what you re thinking. Let me know what we re doing that you like and what we can do to improve the magazine. Likewise, many of our writers furnish their contact information. Write to them; let them know if they are fulfilling your needs.


Such communication can only be enriching and rewarding for all parties involved. I welcome your feedback and constructive criticism regarding every aspect of how we serve you, from content to customer service to the Web site. Write to me at [email protected] we won t know if you don t tell us.


After all, at Informant Communications Group, communication is our middle name. Literally. And I d like to make it our middle name figuratively, as well. I hope to hear from you.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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