Check out These Videos to Learn About Windows Holographic

Check out These Videos to Learn About Windows Holographic

Earlier this week Microsoft let everyone know that their augmented reality headset, HoloLens, could be pre-ordered by those developers who have been approved with the first batch of the devices arriving at the end of March.

Although it looks like the HoloLens emulator is not scheduled for release until the first day of BUILD 2016 (30 March) an entire series of videos from the HoloLens team is now available that will let you begin learning about the intricacies of programming holograms.

These videos go right along with the extensive Windows Holographic website that Microsoft also unveiled this week which contains documentation, community forums and the Holographic Academy which these videos are part of.

When you are ready to get started just dive in from the top - this is just like reading all the instruction manuals and info on the web for that new device you recently purchased and are waiting for it to arrive.

P.S. Still interested in maybe getting your own hands on a HoloLens development kit and have $3,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Microsoft continues accepting applications so developers can get approved to order the device.

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