C# Essentials



C# Essentials

If you have a programming background and want a quick overview of C#, Microsoft's latest programming language, C# Essentials is for you. Written by authors with impeccable credentials, this book strives to find the right balance between subject coverage and depth of information.


It's evident that one of the key aspects of this book is to give the reader a well balanced introduction to C#. Yes, it contains the usual language reference materials, e.g. types, structs, classes, etc. But it goes a step farther and provides a great overview of the Base Class Libraries, as well as helpful tips on compiling assemblies and general .NET programming practices.


This book targets those with programming experience. And like many other introductory works, this book doesn't provide elaborate code examples. However, because of its typesetting and layout, it does provide considerably more information than other 200-page books on this subject. The illustrations and samples are concise and to the point. I recommend using this book in concert with Microsoft's examples found on the .NET SDK or MSDN to deepen your understanding of C#. If you're a programmer interested in an overview of C#, this book is worth your consideration.


- Thomas Wagner


C# Essentials by Ben Albahari, Peter Drayton, and Brad Merrill, O'Reilly & Associates, http://www.oreilly.com.



ISBN: 0-596-00079-0

Cover Price: US$19.95

(199 pages)


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