Beta 1 Versions of NetAdvantage Development Tools Compatible with Windows Presentation Foundation Available

Beta 1 Versions of NetAdvantage Development Tools Compatible with Windows Presentation Foundation Available

Infragistics unveiled beta 1 versions of its next generation Grid and Chart controls compatible with Microsoft s Windows Presentation Foundation. These tools will be included as part of the Infragistics NetAdvantage family of toolsets for building the presentation layer of commercial-class ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Tablet PC, and COM applications.

 NetAdvantage delivers cross-platform functionally by providing a consistent presentation layer framework of common object models, designers, and style presets for Windows Forms and ASP.NET.

 NetAdvantage Windows Presentation Foundation controls enable developers to add rich media functionality to existing Windows Forms applications. Development teams can also use the NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls along with Windows Presentation Foundation controls to build new Windows Presentation Foundation applications.

 NetAdvantage s DataPresenter and Charting controls for Windows Presentation Foundation include the following features. DataPresenter: the ability to display data in a variety of UI formats; TabularView, a classic grid presentation of data; SimpleStyling, a technology that uses enumerated properties to enable the selection of alternate looks and UI layout through the generation of alternate default styles; multi-column sort capability; the ability to group data rows using the Outlook GroupBy style; display data rows in a CardView presentation; and resizable data columns and rows. Charting: gallery of built-in styles for visual design; the ability to include 3D/2D animations; True Composition Model for ease of use; advance data interactions and image rendering; the ability to interface with various data sources, including Windows Communication Foundation; present and interact with data via 3D drilldown capability and projections for analyzing complex data sources; extend the chart for custom layering and create-your-own-chart features; and multiple 3D/2D chart types.

 Suggested introductory pricing is as follows: NetAdvantage 2005, US$495; NetAdvantage 2005 with Subscription, US$795; and NetAdvantage 2005 with Subscription and Priority Support, US$995. The subscription includes all updates, upgrades, Infragistics .NET source code, and all new elements added to NetAdvantage 2005 for one year. The Subscription and Priority Support edition includes products, source code, and annual subscription, as well as guaranteed response priority support for one year.

 Visit for more information on NetAdvantage controls for Windows Presentation Foundation.



Price: Starts at US$495 (introductory).

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