AVIcode Releases New Version of .NET Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

AVIcode Releases New Version of .NET Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

AVIcode  announced the release of version 4.1 of its .NET Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. This version offers upgraded functionality that expands monitoring support, and improves ease of use and reporting capabilities within Operations Manager 2007.

 AVIcode s .NET Management Pack concurrently monitors for both application failures and performance bottlenecks. It leverages the technology behind AVIcode s cornerstone monitoring solution, Intercept Studio, to deliver a comprehensive view of application health by providing a per application and system-level view of key performance metrics, while also correlating performance counter data with application behavior.

 One of the new features of the .NET Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 is its ability to auto-discover distributed application architecture. This allows Operations Manager 2007 users to easily begin monitoring all of the components of complex applications. Combining Operations Manager 2007 functionality with the .NET Management Pack s auto-discovery feature, users now have the ability to monitor all the critical aspects of a system, including application components, hardware (like IIS servers), database connectivity, and corresponding system metrics like CPU usage.

 With the .NET Management Pack, Operations Manager 2007 users are automatically notified when an application problem occurs, and are provided a complete root-cause diagnosis. This real-time notification and diagnosis ensures appropriate problem triage, improved problem resolution, and optimal application availability and reliability.

 The latest version of the .NET Management Pack for Operations Manager includes these enhancements:

  • Expanded Monitored Resource Support. The .NET Management Pack now monitors Windows Services, Windows EXE, and COM+ applications. This enables end-to-end monitoring of complex distributed applications, from transactional components on the back-end to WinForms front-end applications.
  • Security and Connectivity Monitoring. The .NET Management Pack extends availability and performance monitoring to include security and connectivity monitoring. This allows for the detection of mis-configured connectivity between applications and SQL Server or Web services, and for the detection of security failures due to insufficient rights to requested resources. With this information, operations teams are better equipped to resolve these issues without relying on support personnel.
  • Application Topology View. The .NET Management Pack now provides a graphical topology that displays the dependency between components of a distributed application. This enables better understanding and assessment of infrastructure changes on deployed applications.
  • Resource Utilization Correlation. The .NET Management Pack offers the ability to correlate resource utilization, like CPU, Memory, and I/O with application load and performance. This provides an application-focused perspective on resource utilization and enables proactive capacity planning and application performance tuning.
  • Enterprise Reports. The .NET Management Pack now provides enterprise-class reports that show the most critical SQL, WCF, .NET Remoting, and other resource calls for optimization prioritization. The .NET Management Pack also has the ability to report on trends and compare key process and application performance indicators.


AVIcode, Inc.

Price: Pricing is on a per-monitored-computer basis. For details, contact AVIcode.

Web Site: http://www.avicode.com


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