AVIcode Releases Intercept Studio 4.1

AVIcode Releases Intercept Studio 4.1

AVIcode announced the release of version 4.1 of Intercept Studio. The newest version of the company s flagship .NET monitoring solution offers upgraded functionality that expands monitoring support and improves ease of use and reporting capabilities.

 A solution that monitors for both .NET application failures and performance bottlenecks, Intercept Studio delivers a comprehensive view of application health by providing a per application and system-level view of key performance metrics, while also correlating performance counter data with application behavior. Intercept Studio also provides complete root cause diagnosis of application problems as they occur, helping organizations improve problem resolution and ensure application availability and reliability.


Intercept Studio 4.1 includes these enhancements:

  • Expanded Monitored Resource Support. Intercept Studio now monitors calls to IBM DB2 data servers and calls across Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). In addition, users can now specify which COM+ managed code components to monitor.
  • Application Topology View. Intercept Studio now provides a complete graphical topology that displays the dependency between components of a distributed application. Organizations with inherited applications or a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) now have greater insight and faster understanding of how their applications function.
  • User-Friendly Interface Enhancements. Navigation between application, computer, and event views now requires only a simple click, and a direct link to MSDN is available that will automatically search the MSDN library for details related to the type of error detected.
  • Key Performance Metrics Dashboard. Performance counters are now available via a graphical representation and easily accessed dashboard.
  • Custom Reports. Intercept Studio now maintains a separate database for customized reporting.


AVIcode, Inc.

Price: Contact AVIcode; pricing is on a per monitored computer basis.

Web Site: http://www.avicode.com


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