AVIcode Releases Intercept Studio 4

AVIcode Releases Intercept Studio 4

AVIcode announced the release of version 4.0 of Intercept Studio. Intercept Studio offers a complete .NET monitoring solution. The newest version is the first .NET monitoring solution that delivers real-time, always-on, concurrent monitoring and diagnostics for both application failures and performance bottlenecks. In addition, Intercept Studio 4 delivers a comprehensive view of application health by providing a per application and a system-level view of key performance metrics, while also correlating performance counter data to application behavior.

 In addition, Intercept Studio enables developers and IT personnel to define how an application should behave in a production environment, and monitors that application for .NET code failure, performance degradation, security, or connectivity issues.

 Intercept Studio 4 includes these enhancements:

  • Operational (concurrent) monitoring simultaneously monitors and delivers real-time notification of any performance or code problem that occurs, including complete root-cause analysis
  • Disconnected monitoring enables monitoring and root-cause data collection on non-networked computers
  • Collect and correlate key performance counters provides better understanding of how application problems and system performance relate
  • Computer-centric and application-centric views allows IT teams to view the health status of their system and their applications from the application point of view
  • On-the-fly configuration enables better and faster customization of data collection thresholds and triggers
  • Extensible reporting leverages Microsoft Reporting Services to deliver better insight into application availability and behavior trends
  • 64-bit support provides monitoring for applications running on the 64-bit .NET 2.0 architecture


AVIcode, Inc.

Price: Intercept Studio 4 is expected to be generally available at the end of January 2007. Pricing is on a per monitored computer basis, and starts at US$12,000 for a single monitoring console and server agent. For quantity discount and desktop pricing, contact AVIcode.

Web Site: http://www.AVIcode.com

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