AVIcode Announces SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack

AVIcode Announces SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack

AVIcode announced the AVIcode SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack, which extends Operations Manager 2007 with problem detection capabilities and provides root cause information for diagnosis of problems related to custom SharePoint applications, including performance, security, connectivity, and code issues. The management pack seamlessly correlates application errors with root cause information and key performance counters, providing a complete diagnostic view of custom SharePoint application behavior and enabling rapid problem resolution.

 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for content management and enterprise search that accelerates business processes and information sharing. Organizations turning to SharePoint expect enhanced interoperability, scalability, and management of their IT systems, and AVIcode helps to ensure that any application issues are detected and resolved in the quickest manner possible.

 With the AVIcode SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack, Operations Manager 2007 users gain real-time insight into the functionality, performance, and behavior of their SharePoint applications. When a problem is detected, the SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack automatically classifies the error and provides a complete root cause analysis, including a reproducible test case, empowering organizations to quickly resolve problems and best ensure the availability and reliability of their SharePoint-driven applications.

 The AVIcode SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack monitors back-end connectivity with databases and can diagnose any failures due to data inconsistency. Providing comprehensive insight into the processes running inside a SharePoint application, the management pack monitors for security and connectivity problems related to incorrect configuration of SharePoint Server components, including Enterprise Search, Excel Services, and Office Forms Server 2007. It also delivers real-time detection of SharePoint Web Application failures due to erroneous code activities within custom workflow classes, and performance monitoring of business intelligence (BI) dashboards based on key performance indicators (KPI).

 Other key features of the AVIcode SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack include: automatic discovery of all Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 servers and components; automatic monitoring of all MOSS Web applications, IIS Web sites, Excel calculation services, and enterprise search; performance tracking for SLA violations in SharePoint Web applications, Excel services, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 enterprise search; dashboard view for SharePoint resource utilization; and dashboard trending analysis for memory, CPU, and I/O resource utilization for SharePoint server.

 AVIcode is also providing this functionality as the SharePoint 2007 Application Cartridge, a plug-in for AVIcode s core product, Intercept Studio, which works outside the Operations Manager environment.


AVIcode, Inc.

Web Site: http://www.avicode.com


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