AutomatedQA Upgrades Automated Build Studio 3

AutomatedQA Upgrades Automated Build Studio 3

AutomatedQA, a provider of tools for testing and developing high-quality applications, announced Automated Build Studio 3, the latest version of the company s build and release management system.

 Used by developers at all levels, Automated Build Studio 3 adds to its existing 450 built-in operations with a variety of new features and capabilities, such as:

  • Charts for analysis of macro run statistics
  • Control of remote builds from a macro
  • Macro debugger to trace and fix errors in macros
  • New operations for ASP.NET, Oracle, ILMerge, InstallShield Universal, RoboHelp, and WiX, among others
  • Concurrent execution of macro operations to reduce macro execution time


Automated Build Studio 3 also integrates with AutomatedQA s performance profiler and memory debugger, AQtime 5, and its test manager, TestComplete 5, providing developers with an automated, end-to-end platform to ensure high-quality applications.

 As software development projects become increasingly complex, the process of building, testing, and releasing them consumes valuable time and resources. Complexities also add to increased human error in the development process. Automating processes, including build and release processes, can effectively eliminate errors in code and reduce time and resource drain; Automated Build Studio 3 is designed to address these issues.

 Automated Build Studio 3 automates each step of the build process, from retrieving files from a version control system to building installation packages, running automated tests, and deploying the latest software. By automating these processes, as well as performing data and system consistency checks, developers can focus on critical pain points in the application development process.

 Automated Build Studio 3 is available for purchase or trial download from AutomatedQA offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Visit for more information.



Price: US$349.99; site license, US$2,999.99

Web Site:


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