asp:radar: .NET E-Mail Components


asp:radar: .NET E-Mail Components

asp.netPRO is proud to introduce asp:radar - a monthly asp:tools feature focusing on tools "on the radar" that will aid you in one specific area of ASP.NET programming. This month, asp:radar features a list of third-party tools that help you enhance System.Web.Mail and add more e-mail functionality to ASP.NET.



You can use aspNetEmail in ASP.NET Web pages, Windows forms, and Web services.

Advanced Intellect LLC

Price: US$129

Web Site:



You easily can integrate e-mail sending and receiving capabilities into your application using the SMTP and POP3 assemblies.

devBiz Business Solutions

Price: US$149

Web Site:


EasyMail .Net Edition

This set of 100 percent managed .NET assemblies lets you integrate Internet e-mail into your .NET applications.

Quiksoft Corp.

Price: US$499

Web Site:



Mail/Net is a suite containing Smtp/Net, Pop/Net, and Mime/Net. All three objects fully support Microsoft's synchronous and asynchronous programming models.

Mabry Software Inc.

Price: US$249

Web Site:



Mail.NET has a rich feature set allowing you to add e-mail functionality to your applications without having to learn complex protocols.

NetToolWorks Inc.

Price: US$99

Web Site:



This control allows you to write customized POP3 client applications in the .NET Framework.

SoftArtisans Inc.

Price: Free

Web Site:


PowerTCP Mail for .NET

This tool enhances the .NET Framework with native classes that send, receive, compose, edit, encode, and decode e-mail messages.

Dart Communications Inc.

Price: US$499

Web Site:



This product includes authentication, mail-merge, and enhanced logging features.

ExclamationSoft Inc.

Price: US$99.95

Web Site:


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