ASP.NET EventCalendar Released

ASP.NET EventCalendar Released

ASP.NET EventCalendar is an ASP.NET server control that allows you to add event calendars to your Web site or Web application.

   Designed for use with Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET EventCalendar is written in Visual C# using managed code to take full advantage of the .NET Framework.

 ASP.NET EventCalendar hosts 11 display views. By using the templates, you can control the content and layout of the event item. By using the events from the calendar, you can control the behavior of the calendar. There are many properties that let you control the interface of the calendar.

 With ASP.NET EventCalendar, you can bind the ASP.NET EventCalendar to your existing databases by setting some properties. ASP.NET EventCalendar supports recurring events, localization, exporting to Outlook, and many other features.

   A free starter kit can be downloaded from the Web site. The starter kit is a full source code project and demonstrates how to develop your calendar-based application by using ASP.NET EventCalendar.

Price: Starts at US$119

Web Site:


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