AspLib component library Offers 18 Components

AspLib component library Offers 18 Components

Astron Digital announced the release of AspLib component library, an integrated, all-in-one pack of 18 components for use in ASP.NET development. These components allow you to give your Web applications a Windows-style interface. Localization of the components is done automatically using the culture settings of the client computer.

 For creating an interface with the look and feel of Windows, AspLib component library offers the BinaryImage, Button, Calendar, Checkbox, ColorPicker, ComboBox, DualSelectBox, and ToolBar components. The library also offers a Web-based WYSIWYG editor for editing HTML pages online. You can use it to create tables, links, and pictures, as well as manage CSS styles; change text color, size, pattern, and font; and add snippets and insert images. Its Word-style toolbar buttons let you start editing HTML pages without any training.

 AspLib component library runs under Windows Server 2000/Windows Server 2003/Windows 2000/Windows XP. A free evaluation version, hosting all registered-version features, is available at


Astron Digital

Price: Single-developer license without the source code, US$299. Volume discounts are available.

Web Site:


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