Amplefile Announces Communication Framework for .NET

Amplefile Announces Communication Framework for .NET

Amplefile released DotNetRemoting 2.0.1, a communication library that is a universal network communication framework for PC and Pocket devices (PDA, Pocket PC, Smartphones). The server and the client may be on different platforms.

 Unlike standard .NET Remoting, the DotNetRemoting SDK for .NET allows users to build bi-directional network applications. DotNetRemoting supports Mobile devices and the Compact Framework.


Core features include:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Windows CE, Mobile5(6), Linux, Unix
  • Supported Frameworks: .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0; Compact Framework; Mono
  • Supported Devices: PC, Pocket PC, PDA, Tablet PC, Smartphones
  • Accessibility for clients behind firewall or proxy
  • Bi-directional synchronous and/or asynchronous communication by sending the objects or executing methods on the server (and/or on client)
  • Scalability: 2,000+ simultaneous clients
  • Ability to operate with FastSerializer
  • Supported protocols: TCP, HTTP, UDP
  • Keep connection alive feature
  • UDP object-based broadcasting
  • File transfer
  • Encryption
  • Easy deployment
  • No deployment license fees
  • Full source code included
  • DataRx event is executed in the main app thread, which allows invoking GUI methods directly
  • GPRS support (for Pocket devices)


If a unique firewall transparency is required, Amplefile supplies special anti-firewall components: ProxyConnector, NoFirewall Tunnel, Peer-To-Peer channel, and Skype-based remoting.


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