Altova Adds Support for Excel 2007 to MapForce

Altova Adds Support for Excel 2007 to MapForce

Altova announced the availability of Altova MapForce Version 2008 Release 2 (v2008r2). This latest update to the MapForce graphical data mapping tool provides users with new functionality, including support for mapping Microsoft Excel 2007, which uses the Office Open XML (OOXML) file format, integration with and project generation for Visual Studio 2008, support for data streams in MapForce generated code, and more. The new features and functionality available in MapForce v2008r2 include:

  • Support for Mapping Excel 2007 (OOXML) Data. New support for the OOXML data format in Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX) allows users to map Excel 2007 spreadsheet data to and from XML, databases, text, EDI, and Web services, then convert data instantly or autogenerate royalty free Java, C#, or C++ code for recurrent transformations. As knowledge workers continue to upgrade to the newest version of the Microsoft Office suite, support for Excel 2007 in MapForce will be an indispensible feature for sophisticated data integration project applications. (Altova also provides support for working with OOXML in XMLSpy, StyleVision, and DiffDog. Visit to learn more.)
  • Support for Visual Studio 2008. In this latest version of MapForce, support for seamless integration with and code generation for Visual Studio has been extended to include Visual Studio 2008. MapForce v2008r2 can now create a Visual Studio 2008 project file when autogenerating C# or C++ data transformation code. (Code compatible with previous versions of Visual Studio can also be generated.) Support for integration with Visual Studio 2008 gives Microsoft developers access to all the data mapping, conversion, and integration capabilities of MapForce directly inside the latest version of the development environment.
  • Support for Data Streams in Generated Code. MapForce v2008r2 now supports data streams as input or output in generated Java and C# code. With this new support, users can apply mapping code to Web servers and other data exchange scenarios where transmissions are conducted and processed in packets rather than files.
  • Expanded Support for Relational Database Functionality. New direct support for SQL SELECT allows users to easily generate SELECT statements to create virtual tables and refine the data exposed in their database mapping components. Additionally, users of MapForce v2008r2 can now insert primary or foreign keys directly within a mapping when they are missing from the underlying database, making these table relationships available for data transformation.
  • Extended Support for SOAP 1.2. In addition to SOAP 1.1, MapForce v2008r2 now provides full support for SOAP 1.2 messages for mapping to and/or from Web services, as well as for creating new Web services.
  • New Global Resources Capabilities. Global Resources are a set of new features for enhancing productivity in MapForce, as well as in Altova XMLSpy, StyleVision, and DatabaseSpy. Global resources support allows users to define, share, and access file, folder, and database resources across multiple projects and even across multiple Altova software tools, making it especially beneficial for users of the MissionKit product bundle.


Learn more about all the features in MapForce Version 2008 Release 2 at, or visit to download a 30-day free trial of Altova MapForce. MapForce may be purchased alone or as part of the Altova MissionKit 2008 product bundle; both are available directly from the Altova Online Shop at Altova recommends the purchase of its Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) with all software purchases. Learn more at



Price: Altova MapForce Version 2008 Release 2 is available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions; pricing starts at US$269.

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