Aivosto Oy Ships Project Analyzer 6 for VB .NET

Aivosto Oy Ships Project Analyzer 6 for VB .NET

  Project Analyzer 6 from Aivosto Oy detects and automatically removes dead code in any project written with Visual Basic 3 through 6 or .NET. It reviews source code for potential bugs, unoptimal syntax, and compatibility issues. It also enforces programming standards and suggests style improvements.

  Project Analyzer documents source code by converting it to a Web site. By clicking links, developers can surf in code and learn how it works. The Web site can be converted to a single HTML Help file for project documentation. Project Analyzer also generates call trees and file dependency graphs, which help you understand the relationships between various parts of a program.


Aivosto Oy

Price: US$99

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:

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