9Rays.Net Announces Spices.Net 4.5

9Rays.Net Announces Spices.Net 4.5

Spices.Net is a tool suite for .NET developers that offers obfuscation, multiple languages decompilation, documentation managing services, modeling, and analytical features in one environment. Spices.Net comes with: Obfuscator, Decompiler, Documenter, Modeler, Investigator, and Informer.

 This new version contains a new Documenter module. The module improves the process of documentation creation and management connected to code. All documents are NDoc compatible.

 The Decompiler module has also been enhanced. The updated module can now completely decompile COM/Interop/Unmanaged statements and unsafe statements, and work with inline functions. Another improvement is the addition of a built-in syntax editor with ActiveHints technology.

 The Obfuscator module has been upgraded to include an enhanced antiILDASM anti-disassembly algorithm that helps developers protect their intellectual property and technological know-how. If an assembly has been compiled with Spices.Net and obfuscated to include the NotDecompile tag, Spices.Decompiler will not be able to decompile it after obfuscation. The Obfuscator module features a number of protection improvements and innovations. Attributes can now be used to control code encryption (string protection), incremental obfuscation has been improved, and software watermarking is now possible.

 System requirements include Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 and .NET 1.0/1.1/2.0. A free evaluation version is available at the 9rays.Net Web site.



Price: Suite starts at US$692.95; individual components are available.

Web Site: http://www.9rays.net


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