9Rays.Net Adds FlyGrid.Net to Its Family of Controls

9Rays.Net Adds FlyGrid.Net to Its Family of Controls

FlyGrid.Net is a fast, lightweight, and customizable Windows Forms Tree/Grid control that completely manages the data interface (bound and unbound), offering outstanding power and flexibility to browse, edit, add, delete, and manipulate tabular and hierarchical data.

 Key features in FlyGrid.Net include flexible run time/design time node editors for node collection and node management (addition, clearing, sorting), extended cell block selection, split view capability, full support of RightToLeft, and numerous drag and drop options. FlyGrid.Net works in bound and unbound modes, connecting with several types of data sources with provisions for non-DB-bound data and IList implementors. Developers can create, edit, delete, expand, and collapse master/detail views at design time, and detail grids function independently or can automatically synchronize with one another.

 FlyGrid.Net fully supports XP themes. The hierarchical master/detail view is so flexible that the grid can be used as a faster and more convenient replacement of TreeView and ListView (details mode) control.

 The FlyGrid.Net Column component has four types of editor styles: simple, dropdown, dialog, and spin. Developers can create their own column types by inheriting from one of the base types of columns, as well as implement custom dropdowns and custom drawing and keyboard/mouse handling.



Price: FlyGrid.Net Light, US$212.95; FlyGrid.Net (the full version), US$287.95.

Web Site: http://www.9Rays.net


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