Top SharePoint Vendors to Watch at TechEd 2014, Part 2

Top SharePoint Vendors to Watch at TechEd 2014, Part 2

In "Top SharePoint Vendors to Watch at TechEd 2014, Part 1," we highlighted several different SharePoint industry vendors who will be attending this year's Microsoft TechEd conference. With the conference only a week away, we're continuing to more great SharePoint vendors that will be at the big event:

GSX Solutions. The GSX Monitor & Analyzer for SharePoint provides organizations with monitoring, scanning, alerting, and reporting capabilities that not only enhances SharePoint performance, but also provides a better environment for users.

K2. Recognized by SharePoint Pro editors as a finalist in the Best of TechEd 2014 awards, the K2 Appit solution provides a slew of workflow apps for SharePoint that are easy to get up-and-running in the cloud with no programming or developer experience necessary.

KnowledgeLake. KnowledgeLake provides a slew of different SharePoint services and solutions for a multitude of different organizations in various industries. Notably, KnowledgeLake provides several different document and content management solutions, as well content migrations for organizations who are looking to get on board with SharePoint.

SQL Sentry. Although this vendor is typically known for its SQL Server solutions, its Event Manager for SharePoint provides visibility into when timer jobs runs, along with several different tools to asses which timer jobs are colliding frequently. There's also alerts and notifications  for timer job failures, runtime deviations, and more.

And we've got more TechEd-related news coming up for you this week! We'll be highlighting different SharePoint speakers who will be at the show, along with key things to read up on before you attend!

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