Skype for Windows Phone Adds Support for Drawing

Skype for Windows Phone Adds Support for Drawing

Suck it, iPhone

Microsoft has released a major update to Skype for Windows Phone that adds a number of new features, including automatic Microsoft account sign-in, better support for HD screens, and faster app resume times. But the marquee new feature is unique to Windows Phone, at least for now: Skype now lets you create drawings in the app and then share them with others.

The new version of Skype works in both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, though two of the new features require 8.1, as noted.

Here's what's new.

Drawings. In this Windows Phone-first feature, you can now create little drawings in Skype—using your finger—and then share them with others. Just start a chat, tap the Add ("+") icon and then select Drawing to get started. You can also use this feature to annotate a Bing map, Microsoft says.

Simpler Microsoft account sign-in.  On Windows Phone 8.1 only, Skype will now automatically integrate with the Microsoft account you use to sign-in to your phone. Or, you can optionally sign-in with a Skype ID.

HD screen support. No word on what's improved, but Skype has now been optimized for HD screens.

Faster app resume times. On Windows Phone 8.1 only, the Skype app resumes faster. Anyone who uses Windows Phone knows the hell of app resume times.

Skype for Windows Phone is available for free from the Windows Phone Store.

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