Skype for Web Gains New Capabilities in Latest Update

Skype for Web Gains New Capabilities in Latest Update

A big focus at Microsoft over the last couple of years under Satya Nadella's leadership has been to make sure that the mobility of the experience is a key principle with the companies products and services.

There were updates released this week for Skype on the Web that do this very thing and deliver features to the web based version of Skype that previously only existed in the desktop program.

These updates, announced yesterday on the Skype Garage & Updates blog, bring near feature parity to the web version of Skype and give the user complete freedom to access the service on any computer with a browser. This avoids the need for a separate program download if you are not on your own device.

One of the new additions allows the creation of Skype chats that anyone can access - even someone without a Skype account.

Just start a new conversation in Skype on the Web and select to Share conversation to get a link you can send to anyone you want in the conversation.

Other items added in this update for Skype on the Web include:

  • You can now call landlines and mobile phones from the web however, it does require you to have a subscription or Skype credit in your account. These calls can be placed to domestic and international destinations.
  • If you share a YouTube link in a chat session you can now view that directly in the chat window instead of needing to open a new browser window.
  • Web based notifications from Skype as long as you are logged into

Enjoy the mobility of your Skype experience.

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