Shout Out for End User Adoption!

I’d like to congratulate my friend, colleague, and Über-expert Rob Bogue on the release of the SharePoint 2010 version of his SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users. Getting end users to adopt SharePoint is always a mix of delivering the right solution, evangelizing the solution, and training users. That last part can be painful and time consuming, so too many organizations skip it. 

Rob’s book, which comes as a book as well as in enterprise-licensable forms, is a phenomenal resource that guides users through almost 200 procedures, step-by-step.  I’ve recommended both the 2007 and the 2010 versions to clients, and they’ve been thrilled with it.

Check it out for yourself, with the free sample content that Rob has posted on his SharePoint Shepherd website. Congrats, Rob, and thanks for providing such a great tool for the community!

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