SharePoint Updates: In-Box Template, Scripting, Backup and Recovery

SharePoint Updates: In-Box Template, Scripting, Backup and Recovery

Here are some SharePoint links of note this morning. It's a tough job, sailing the SharePoint waters, in search of a good catch.

But someone's got to do it.

Implementing a Simple Bug-Tracking Tool Inside My SharePoint 2013
From the ubiquitous question-answerers at SharePoint Stack Exchange comes a reply to the above title. The answer is, look to SharePoint itself. See SharePoint Stack Exchange for more.

Plan for Backup and Recovery for SharePoint 2013
Because even though SharePoint people are pros at planning and risk management, they ARE still human and sometimes things slip. This TechNet article on SharePoint backup and recovery might be just the one thing that saves one SharePoint person some heartache today.

Create a scripted SharePoint 2013 Development Environment Tutorial –Part 1
Here's a tutorial from Vlad Catrinesque. In it, he steps you through how to build a script that creates a virtual machine you can use for SharePoint development.  

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