Monitor SharePoint 2010 with Operations Manager 2007

Monitor SharePoint 2010 with Operations Manager 2007

Microsoft has delivered a first update to its Operations Manager Management Pack for SharePoint 2010. This is only the first update since the management pack was released in April of 2010. For those not aware, Management Packs are provided to provide instant functionality for monitoring and managing specific products from System Center Operations Manager. In this case, the update comes for the 2007 version of Operations Manager.

The ability to monitor and manage SharePoint from a central point is hugely valuable, giving unique insight into potential failures. This allows SharePoint administrators to be proactive and ensure that the SharePoint implementation meets corporate SLAs.

The Management Pack updated today allows for…

  • Health monitoring of SharePoint Server 2010, Project Server 2010, Search Server 2010, and Office Web Apps
  • Monitoring for Events and Services and alerting when service outages are detected
  • Monitoring Performance and providing warnings when SharePoint performance is at risk
  • When problems are found it forwards administrators to up-to-date TechNet knowledge articles to help solve the issues

Per Microsoft, the update is a fix to a problem using PowerShell. PowerShell is utilized for some of the monitoring and management functions embedded in the Management Pack.

You can grab the update here: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007

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