Microsoft adds free Group Voice and Video Calls to Skype on the web

Microsoft adds free Group Voice and Video Calls to Skype on the web

In a post at the Skype Garage and Updates blog, the Skype team has announced new features for Skype for Web and the Skype integration at

The Skype for Web Beta began last November to a limited audience and expanded in early June for users worldwide while the Skype for integration received a major overhaul in the same time frame.

The continued development and improvement of these two services continues with the latest announcement from the Skype team to confirm that you can now include up to 25 people in a single Skye voice call and up to 10 participants in a video call.

Here are the steps for making a group voice or video call with this update:

  1. Visit or and sign in.
  2. Select +New to start a new conversation (or + for
  3. Add friends to the chat (you can have up to 25 participants on a voice call and up to 10 on a video call).
  4. Click confirm and start a chat.
  5. Click the call or video call button.

As with most any product that is in some for of beta there are limitations with this update.

On group video calls there is no presenter view; no adding/removing participants during the active phone call and only three video feeds will be show at the same time.

For group voice calls you can not add or remove participants during the call.

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