How Office 365 Can Get Project Managers on the SharePoint Train

How Office 365 Can Get Project Managers on the SharePoint Train

Office 365 may be the key to getting project managers to use SharePoint as their go-to tool., a company that makes products designed to streamline and integrate the use of SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365, has posted a blog noting the challenges in getting project managers to not only sign on to SharePoint but to use it actively as one of their main tools of the PM trade. The key: Office 365.

“Getting project managers to adopt SharePoint and turn it into their main project management tool has always been a challenging part of SharePoint implementations,” states the post, 5 Steps to Smoothly Run Projects on SharePoint. “ … Success rates with project managers were not necessarily higher than with other employees and in many cases, SharePoint implementations do not bring out active participation of project management teams.”

Microsoft Office 365 will go a long way toward remedying this, notes the blog, based on its plethora of PM-focused features:

  • Lists: When you create a list for your project’s management, notes, you have full control on what is displayed on the list and who can see what: “Information is shared smoothly, and any piece of information reaches only the project team members with the rights to view it.”
  • “Excel” SharePoint: What’s a project without a spreadsheet? notes that most project managers love their spreadsheets, but that the collaboration features of SharePoint were limiting. Now, however, “project managers can use Flash Fill and data analysis capabilities in the SharePoint environment, get quick insights, construct graphs and more.”
  • Groups on SharePoint: Working within a team, states the blog, project managers can now use Groups on SharePoint. Group members can view and share emails, files, conversations and calendar events, which will save time and streamline communications. “In addition,” the blog states, “including Yammer in SharePoint brings with it a new level of improved communication and discussion possibilities, letting team members continue to communicate in a manner they are used to.” 
  • OneDrive for Business: “OneDrive for Business eliminates project managers’ concerns as to how and where to store data and make sure it’s accessible outside the enterprise,” states the blog, which also notes the importance of being able to secure store data and make it accessible to the right people. 
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