Free eBook: SharePoint 2013 Deployment Guide

Free eBook: SharePoint 2013 Deployment Guide

It's estimated that every person spends, on average, a little over 2 hours per month searching the Internet. When you think about it, that's quite a significant amount of time trying to locate valuable information, and most times it's a hit-or-miss situation. So, when you get an opportunity to partake in a great resource you should take advantage of it right away.

Microsoft has now released a deployment guide for SharePoint 2013 in popular eBook formats, as well as, in a plain, old Microsoft Word doc. If you use eBook reader software or an eBook device, this means you can download your file of choice and take it with you.

The genius behind having a mobile version of the guide is that you can have it propped up beside you while actually performing the SharePoint 2013 deployment right at the server. For other, more dedicated SharePoint engineers, it might make great bedtime reading – or not, because calling this a "guide" doesn't do it justice. It's actually a SharePoint Deployment "Tome" that merges all the content from the Microsoft SharePoint Technical Library and weighs in at a whopping 1,156 pages. Everything is covered in this eBook. From installation to configuration to management to troubleshooting, both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation are covered in great detail. If not taken in small, digestible amounts, you could probably read yourself silly, but the eBook is definitely a valuable resource to have on hand.

Grab it here: Deployment guide for SharePoint 2013 eBook

P.S. We're not trying to curb your Search engine time, just trying to make your Internet searching more efficient. :)

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