Explore the Hidden Riches of SharePoint 2010

Journey with the only all-SharePoint print magazine around--SharePointPro Connections!

Greetings SharePoint administrators and developers. This month our expert SharePoint authors are digging deeper into SharePoint 2010 to unearth topics you may not have read a lot about yet.

In our guest editorial, SharePoint guru (or is it ninja?) Todd Klindt shares a few choice admin topics that he thinks you need to know more about. Business intelligence (BI) is a very hot topic, particularly with the BI-inflected release of SQL Server 2008 R2—Ethan Wilansky takes a long hard look at “BI and SharePoint.” Jeff Fried, of Microsoft, introduces you to the new FAST search technology now available with SharePoint. For more gems, check out all of our articles and regular columns.

Welcome to TechEd 2010

If you’ve picked up your first copy of SharePointPro Connections at TechEd 2010 in New Orleans you’re in for a treat. You’ll read many points of view—from Microsoft insiders to SharePoint professionals in the trenches developing and implementing heterogeneous solutions. I invite you to stop by our booth at the product expo and give us some feedback on the magazine. We’d love to meet you.

If you aren't going but would like to subscribe, go to this link. SharePointPro Connections is published quarterly this year, and is part of the Penton group of magazines that include Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, and DevProConnections. We run the popular Best of TechEd contest for the vendors and partners. You’ll want to see who wins the SharePoint awards this year.

Early Feedback on SharePointPro Connections

At the SharePointPro Summit in March we met with readers, authors, and ­vendors. Of course, admins wanted more administrative articles and devs wanted more developer ­articles, but most folks liked the balance. One reader mentioned that she wears many hats—sometimes developer and sometimes admin.
•    POV: Developer/ POV: IT Pro: This is a very popular feature. Even though it’s just two pages, it’s a quick look at what’s hot in both the dev and IT pro worlds.
•    Featured theme articles: Most readers like the balance of IT and dev articles. Several people said that they’d like to see Reader to Reader articles from experts in the trenches—in other words, fellow SharePoint experts.

I love that idea! I invite any reader, dev or IT pro, who has solved a difficult SharePoint challenge, to write it up and send it to us. Use a how-to approach: Describe the problem, then take your fellow readers step by step through the ­solution. Send R2R articles to me, [email protected], or [email protected] If we publish your article, we’ll pay you $100.

Here at SharePointPro Connections.com, you’ll find all the magazine content, plus blogs, podcasts, webcasts, news, and fresh content from Microsoft insiders. You’ll also find SharePoint eLearning offerings for developers and administrators, information on our virtual SharePoint events, as well as links to our online store, Left-Brain.com. Look for special SharePoint events throughout the year.

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