Digital Signatures and SharePoint

If you’ve ever had to wait for paperwork to be processed with a signature or had to physically photocopy a piece of paper because of a signature, you might have felt the disconnect between the promise of a paperless office and the reality. Digital signature solution provider ARX sponsored a study by AIIM that shows what you would expect: a loss of productivity waiting to process such documents. “…[T]his adds a day to process time, with 23% reporting over a week’s process delay waiting for physical signatures,” said Doug Miles, Director of Market Intelligence for AIIM.

Hard to juxtapose this Early Paper Age sluggishness with the sleek outreach of SharePoint’s increasing sophisticated document management features. ARX would like you to look into the idea of digital signatures. As someone who has wrestled with paper-heavy bureaucracies, I see nothing wrong in that. AIIM’s research, “Digital Signatures for Document Workflow and SharePoint” is available at the ARX website.  

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