3 Steps to Making a Case for Yammer in Your Organization

3 Steps to Making a Case for Yammer in Your Organization

How might a social media platform such as Yammer be beneficial for your organization? On one hand, organizations might argue that having a dedicated social network might distract employees from their work, resulting in productivity loss. On the other hand, employees might find Yammer to be beneficial, as it provides them with a constructive outlet where they can take a breather from the workday. Because Yammer is linked to the organization, it might also spark creativity and discussion around how different teams operate in terms of their routines.

With that said, what if your organization isn't sold on the idea of having Yammer in the workplace? Microsoft's shared three steps that should help make a solid business case for Yammer in organizational processes.

  1. Define vision and goals. The intention with the first step is to make Yammer the go-to place to get things done. In other words, think of how Yammer might be more than just a social networking watercooler. Microsoft outlined several different goals, such as "Make company communication more transparent," "Manage projects more efficiently," and "Get products to market faster."
  2. Map goals to a business strategy. Once you have a clear understanding of a business goal that you want to get out of Yammer, you need to define how you will accomplish that goal. The idea here for step two is that you're providing detailed tasks on how you are going to measure the success or failure of that goal. So if your business goal is to get products to market faster, then you might measure the success by whether or not you reduced the amount of time it typically takes to get a product to market.
  3. Create a roadmap. Lastly, Microsoft recommends creating a strategy roadmap because it's unfeasible to achieve all of your goals within a few months of deployment. Microsoft also recommended creating a roadmap that considers a long-term plan to make sure that you're still meeting your business goals, one or three years down the road.

Has your organization successfully adopted Yammer in the workplace? What steps did your organization to make sure that it was a successful investment?

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