SharePoint Products

You just bought SharePoint. Now what? Do you know what products are out there to help you do what you want to do with SharePoint?

For my own sanity, I'm simply compiling a list of SharePoint categories, and then I'll be filling in that list with products that fit in those areas. If it's at all useful to anybody else, that will be the frosting on the SharePoint cake. 

Click SharePoint Check-In at the top of this page. It should link you to Accessibility and Archiving, which is as far as I've gotten today. (I had posted links within the text below but then the whole post blew up--I don't know and no one cares to tell me why, so there you go.)

Feel free to chime in. This is a work in progress.



Note: is this a proper category???



Backup and recovery


Is this a proper category???

Content management

Developer tools

Document management

Image management

Management and administration

Monitoring and reporting


Project management

Records management




Web Parts

Workflow management

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