SharePoint Links I Like: Star Date 06172013 Monday

SharePoint Links I Like: Star Date 06172013 Monday

On my SharePoint perambulations around the Web, I found these links to a demo, a how-to, a video, and an interview.

Hope you enjoy them!


InfoPath Radio Button Bold Selection
Laura Rogers shows you how to make radio button text show as bolded when it's selected. A small thing, but it's the details that can make or break SharePoint in users' eyes.


Microsoft's David Campbell Discusses Big Data
Must-read background on the latest SQL Server developments, especially if you're a dev or one of those behind-the-scenes magicians who helps make business intelligence earn its keep.


SharePoint on Windows Azure
I love demos. This one appears so easy, even an English major can believe in his or her ability to do it. In Edge Show #60, David Tesar and Paul Stubbs discuss and demo running SharePoint on Windows Azure.


Think You Can Hack SharePoint?
If I had attended TechEd 2013 this year, Liam Cleary's SharePoint security presentation is one I wouldn't have missed. Turns out, nobody has to miss it.

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