XP SP2 For All? ; Suspected Worm Authors Arrested

XP SP2 For All?

ComputerTimes reported that Microsoft will make available the upcoming Windows XP Service Pack 2 to everyone, including people who have illegal copies of the operating system.

Microsoft group product manager Barry Goffe reportedly said that, "\[it\] was a tough choice, but we finally decided that even if someone has \[a\] pirated copy of Windows, it is more important to keep him safe than it is to be concerned about the revenue issue."

However Windows & .NET Magazine learned that those reports are not true at this time. Whether Goffe was incorrect when he made his statements or Microsoft changed their minds is unknown at this time.

Suspected Sasser Author Sacked

According to a story published by Reuters, German authorities have arrested at least two people (ages 18 and 21) they believe were involved in developing the recent Sasser worm, the Netsky worm variants, as well as the Phatbot, aka Agobot, worms.

European correspondant Bernhard Warner wrote that the arrests were made “\[acting\] on a tip-off from reward-seekers and information from Microsoft itself.”

The report states that German authorities are also investigating five more people but have not stated whether any of them have cooperated with each other in developing their malware.

A variety of clues were used to track down suspects, including notes left in the various worm code as well as activities the worms performed, such as blocking certain Web sites – one of which is located in the same city as the 18 year old suspect.

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