WinProxy Subject to DoS and Execution of Arbitrary Code

WinProxy Subject to DoS and Execution of Arbitrary Code
Reported June 27 by
Nubuo Miwa

  • SapporoWorks WinProxy 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 (not to be confused with Ositis WinProxy!)


Multiple unchecked buffers exist in the POP3 and HTTP Proxy components of SapporoWorks WinProxy which could open up the possibilities of denial of service attacks or remote execution of arbitrary code.

Performing a "GET /" on port 8080 will cause WinProxy to stop responding.

The USER, PASS, LIST, RETR, and DELE commands allow for arbitrary code to be executed when strings over 312 bytes are entered. The USER and PASS command are vulnerable to buffer overflow even without authentication procedures.


The vendor is aware of this matter and however no response was known at the time of this writing.

Discovered and reported by Nubuo Miwa

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