WinInfo Daily Update, April 14, 2006: Short Takes

I received a lot of nice notes about my 8-year-old son Mark last week thanks for that. I don't want to bore anyone with my personal life, but I do get the occasional question about him and it's been awhile since I've provided an update so what the heck. Anyway all is well.

Speaking of 8-year-olds maybe it's just me but is everyone on Xbox Live these days a child. And if they're all 8-year-old kids what the heck are they doing online in the middle of the week. It seems like every time I jump into Call of Duty 2 multiplayer I face a foe that's more daunting than the Nazi and Russian armies combined. There's always some little moron babbling endlessly or even singing along to a radio or whatever. You can mute them but God help me here the mute command doesn't always work for some reason. Plus, I shouldn't have to jump through hoops for some peace and quiet. I have an idea: How about an Xbox Live that's designed just for adults. It could be like the Quiet car on the Amtrak train between Boston and New York devoid of stupidity. Just a thought.

Many people have asked whether I'm going to finish my Windows Vista February Community Technology Preview (CTP) review on the SuperSite. I am. The problem is that Microsoft has since shipped an interim build and will soon ship another. I'm going to incorporate these changes into the third and fourth parts of the review which will be up soon (part three is mostly complete). But there's a growing sense of doom surrounding Vista, similar to the shadow coming out of Mordor at the end of The Lord of the Rings which has me wondering where this is all going. Vista seems like such a huge step back from what it should be.

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