<i>Windows IT Security</i> Becomes Security Pro VIP

2007 brings the same great security content in a more timely online format

Windows IT Security's mission has always been to provide technical solutions that help you keep your Windows systems secure. That was our goal with the first issue of Security Administrator in February 2001 and our aim when we redesigned the newsletter and renamed it Windows IT Security in 2005. It's uppermost in our minds now as Windows IT Security becomes Security Pro VIP. We'll still provide great security content—but in an online format.

You'll receive one more print issue of Windows IT Security after this one: the January 2007 issue. Then, in January, we'll start posting a new article each week on the new Security Pro VIP Web page and notifying you via email or RSS that the articles are available. The first week in February, you'll get a printer-friendly version of the online January articles, so you can read the "newsletter" on paper, if you prefer that medium.

Security Pro VIP Benefits
As a Security Pro VIP member, you'll have access to the same great technical security articles that have been the hallmark of Windows IT Security. Membership benefits include:

  • a weekly email message or RSS notification that links to a new online article
  • a monthly email newsletter that includes a commentary from me and a printable version of recent online articles
  • a Web site, where you can access the latest technical security articles
  • a members-only forum, where you can get help from your peers and technical experts
  • the Windows IT Security article archive

Update Your Address
To be sure that you receive email notifications about new Security Pro VIP articles and the monthly printable version of articles, please contact customer service to make sure we have your current email address. Subscribers in the US, Canada, and other countries outside the UK and EMEA can contact customer service at 800-793-5697 or [email protected]. Subscribers in the UK and EMEA countries should contact customer service at 44-161-929-2800 or [email protected].

As editor of Security Pro VIP, I want to make it your primary source for technical security information and help you get answers to your security questions. Contact me at [email protected].

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